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Practice makes perfect! The website helps students become problem solvers.  No fees, no ads, no registration, no calculators and no frustration. 

A+ Click features a collection of illustrated challenging math problems for students in grades one through twelve. The website has a graduated set of over 3500 problems, starting from the very simple to the extremely difficult. The website also includes hundreds of practical problems, brainteasers, and short math situations SMS.

 This website  offers many math games, logic puzzles, and tricks from the book, in an interactive format online. There is even an activity with instructions for making a math toy.

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This website was designed by a math consultant and coach to provide FREE activities and worksheets for teachers to use in their classrooms. : Age Range: 4-17 (Grades PreK-12)

This site  solves your math problems instantly. As explained at the website: This site is composed of many math “fill-in-forms” into which you can type the math problem you’re working on.

This website is your one-stop destination for hundreds of ready to use on-line lessons for students PreK-12 across all the core subjects.

This amazing, ICRA-certified (G-rated) website was produced by a handful of math and math education graduate students in Boulder Creek, CO. Although there are some downloadable articles for sale, there is all kinds of FREE content (much of which is fresh daily) that is highly accessible to all ages, from kindergarten to university student and beyond!

This website, developed by Harcourt School Publishers, offers a free, multimedia math glossary. It helps students understand math terms and concepts using colorful animated pictures, drawings, graphs, and simple text.

One of the easiest ways to learn math facts is to set them to music. At today’s website you will find an array of songs that teach math facts and concepts including Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Advanced Math, Algebra, and Geometry.

This site provides a collection of almost 200 single concept lessons which may be freely copied and used in a classroom.

At this website you’ll find a collection of more than 100 math puzzles that cover algebra, geometry, probability, number theory, trigonometry, calculus, and logic. : Age Range: About 11 and up

  •  BBC Learning Math

GCF MATH BASICS : Do you need help with basic math like subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, times tables and percents? This basic math tutorials and learning interactives make learning math easier, and allow you to practice basic math skills at your own level and pace.

PRIMARY SCHOOL MATHS : Primary numeracy resources for children aged 4-11 and their teachers including maths activities and games

GCSE MATHS : Interactive revision resource for GCSE maths about algebra, data handling, numbers, shapes, space and measures.

CLASS MATHS CLIPS : Search and view a library of videos on a variety of maths subjects including divisions, multiplications, fractions and counting money.

MATHS COURSES : Search for maths courses listed by the UK’s leading course finders.

MATHS ONLINE : Learn mathematics online with interactive maths games, maths tests and other maths activities suitable for schools, university and home learning.

MATHS REVISION : Mathematics revision notes for GCSE and A levels student from numbers, shapes, fractions, probability and statistics to graphs, trigonometry, algebra and geometry.

VOCATIONAL MATHS :  Choose from 42 online maths courses designed to improve employees’ basic maths and numeracy skills

YUMMY MATH: This site provides teachers and students with mathematics relevant to our world today

ACADEMIC EARTH : Learn mathematics with this free access to video courses and academic lectures from leading colleges and universities

BASEMENT WORKSHOP: Math Games for different age levels.

This worksheet generators allow you to choose the parameters to create worksheets, timed tests, and practice sets.

This website provides a Math Dictionary for kids.  There’s a definition, explanation, and illustrated example of every math term from “Abacus to Zero. 

This website offers a free series of 4 interactive, pre-algebra level, problem-solving games that will test your student’s math skills in a fun and challenging way. As the player, you proceed on missions in a strange world,

This website offers “an animated, interactive math dictionary that explains over 500 common mathematical terms in simple language.”

This website offers a free, multimedia math glossary. It helps students understand math terms and concepts using colorful animated pictures, drawings, graphs, and simple text.

“Imagine teaching math through reading fun literature together! The math-themed books recommended at this website are arranged by topic to make it easy to pick just the right book to meet a student’s current needs/interests.”

This site is short and sweet; no graphics, but some rather nice little math tricks for multiplication and division.


 This site provides all kinds of quick tricks for solving certain types of arithmetic problems. Also there are some neat math trivia facts at this site that will make you scratch your head in wonderment and say, “I didn’t know that!” Age Range: 6-Adult (Grades 1-Adult)



  • Geometry (19)                                                                      

Lines and Angles (9)                                                                                 

Graphing Points for Word Problems(2)                                                                                 

Area, Surface Area, and Volume (2)                                                                                 

 Analysis, Comparison, Creation, and Composition of Shapes (4)                                                                                 

 Identification and Description of Shapes (2)                                                                                 

 Shapes and Their Attributes (3)                                                                                 

 Fractions as Numbers (10)                                                                                 

 Decimal Notation for Fractions (2)                                                                                  

 Multiplication and Division (8)                                                                                  

Fraction Equivalence and Ordering (5)                                                                                 

 Performing Multi-Digit Arithmetic With Place Value (4)                                                                                 

 Place Value and Operational Properties (3)                                                                                 

 Understanding Place Value (3)                                                                                

 Expressions & Equations (5)                                                                     

 Applying Arithmetic to Algebraic Expressions (3)                                                                                 

 Linear Equations (2)                                                                                 

 Length Using Standard Units (5)                                                                                 

 Geometric Measurement: Angles (7)                                                                                

Working With Time and Money (3)                                                                                

 Representing and Interpreting Data (8)                                                                                 

 Time, Liquid Volumes, and Masses of Objects (7)                                                                                 

 Conversion of Larger to Smaller Units (10)                                                                                

 Generating and Analyzing Patterns (11)                                                                                 

 Understanding Factors and Multiples                                                                                  

 Multiplying and Dividing Within 100 (6)                                                                                  

Patterns and Relationships (10)                                                                                 

 Solving Problems With the Four Operations (5)                                                                                 

Writing and Interpreting Numerical Expressions (4)                                                                                

 Probability Models (8)                                                                                 

 Distributions (10)                                                                                 

 Statistical Variability (5)                                                                                

  •  The Number System (14)                                                                     

 Rational Numbers (6)                                                                                 

 Factors and Multiples (5)                                                                                 

 Operations for Fractions With Rational Numbers (4) 

This website offers FREE math “Downloadable Tutorials.” The tutorials come in the form of both online math videos  and interactive eWorkSheets and eWorkBooks that allow students in grades K-12 to learn and practice math with ease.

Harcourt School Publishers sponsors this website that offers a multimedia math glossary for terminology used in standardized math curriculum for grades K-6. The glossary provides very colorful and animated demonstrations for various math terms and concepts — it helps the student visualize the math vocabulary.

Collection of the best free educational videos  for  school Math

This website is a virtual companion to the real-life Museum of Mathematics in New York. It is dedicated to “revealing the wonders of mathematics” to the general public through exhibits and activities that stimulate inquiry and spark curiosity.

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