Life Skills


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Course Name
Course preview loading...please wait... Developing Yourself as a Leader (Includes Simulation)
In this course, you will explore ways to accurately assess yourself as a leader and implement a development plan. Making it a priority to develop and grow your leadership skills is critical if you want to be able to take full advantage of the personal and professional opportunities that will come your way.
Course preview loading...please wait... Intercultural Business Etiquette (Second Edition)
Doing business respectfully and effectively with people from other countries and cultures is a must in our global workplace. In this course, you will identify various skills to address intercultural business etiquette.
Course preview loading...please wait... Lead with Confidence (Includes Simulation)
In this course, you will learn proven strategies for leading a team with confidence from management experts.


Course Name
Grammar Essentials
In this course, you will identify grammar rules to correct common errors.
Basics of Effective Communication (Second Edition)
This course will help you learn the management techniques that will help you communicate more effectively.
Communicating Clearly (Includes Simulation)
Ensuring that your written or verbal message is understood as you intended is often a challenging experience. This course introduces several techniques for enhancing your communication skills and style.
Personal Financial Planning (Second Edition)
In this course, you will examine techniques for financial planning to secure your financial future. You’ll start by learning how to understand your own financial situation by budgeting, setting financial goals, and managing credit and debt.


Course Name
Financial Performance Essentials (Includes Simulation)
In this course, you will explore the essentials of financial performance, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. You will also examine trends and analyses in financial performance.


Course Name
Analyzing Your Market (Includes Simulation)
Market analysis will allow you to pinpoint your potential markets and define your target audience in order to use your resources wisely. Analyzing your market will allow you to determine exactly where to focus your marketing campaign. In this course, you will learn how to effectively analyze your market.
Positioning Your Product (Includes Simulation)
In this course, you will learn to how position your product. Positioning your product provides you with that strategic advantage you will be able to ensure product awareness and generate customer loyalty.


Life Skills: e-Learning for Kids

This Life Skills Curriculum consist of 15 e-lessons in English.


Choosing the Right Career  Choosing the Right Career                     Bullying  Bullying
Communication  Communication                                       Depression  Depression
Dunkin Doc Game  Dunkin Doc Game                                   Emotions  Emotions
Family  Family                                                      Movin' & Choosin'  Movin’ & Choosin’
Relationships  Relationships                                           School  School
Stress  Stress                                                      Dealing with Things  Dealing with Things
Growing Body  Growing Body                                          Personal ID  Personal ID
You and Others  You and Others


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