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Visual Basic

Learn Visual Basic in step-by-step lessons.

introductionIntroduction to Visual Basic

What is Visual Basic?, What do I need?, Your first Program: Hello World, Changing Properties at Design Time,Self Study Questions

Controls in Visual Basic

Controls, Adding Pictures, The PictureBox Control, Tool tips and Naming controls, List of Controls, Hot Spots

Writing Code in Visual Basic

The Code View, Selecting code from list, Events, Arguments, Concatenation, Sender, Scroll Bars, Decimal Values on Scroll Bar, Picture Boxes: the Seasons, Comments, Printing, Closing, Additional Examples

functionsFunctions in Visual Basic

Built in Functions and Constants, Functions, Random Numbers, How Random Numbers Work, RGB Colors,Random Colors

Visual Basic Calculations

Arithmetic Operations, Modulus Operator, Order of Operations, Functions, Algebra to Code

variablesVisual Basic Variables

Introduction to Variables, Assigning Values to a Variable, Short Cut Notations, Global variables

booleanBoolean Expressions in Visual Basic

IF Statements, Top or bottom?, AND And OR, Left or Right?, Additional Examples

drawingDrawing in Visual Basic

Draw a circle, The Brush, Drawing rectangles, Arc and Pie, Array of Points, Drawing Strings: The Font Class,Numbered Dots Project, Numbered Dots Solution

Procedures in Visual Basic

General Procedures

Dialogs in Visual Basic

Text Boxes, Input Boxes, Message Boxes, More Message Boxes, Dialog Boxes, Open File Dialog

loopsLoops in Visual Basic

A Demo loop program, For Loops, Step: change the increment, While Loops, While, cont., Endless loops, Do Loops, Nested Loops, For Each Loops, Graphics with Loops

arraysArrays in Visual Basic

Scalar Variables vs. Arrays, Example 1: Initialize, Out of Bounds Exception, Arrays of Objects, A lookup example, Julian Date, ReDim: Change the Size of the Array, No Duplicates, Collections

stringsStrings in Visual Basic

The String Class, Names: Using String Functions, Names: Other ways to do the same thing!, Validating Strings, Regular Expressions, Regular Expressions, continued, Anagrams, Cryptograms

A List Manager application in Visual Basic

Introduction, Build the Menu, Add items to a listbox, Delete items from the listbox, Save: Write the contents of the list box to a file, Open File: Read file and add to list box, Ask the user if he wants to save, When to ask the user if he wants to save, The User closes the program

List Manager application Finishing Touches

The finishing touches, Select a Font, Go to a webpage for help, On ReSize make the list box fill the form., Print Preview and Print, Adding the About Box

Picture Viewer

Viewing a Picture, Code and instructions to view a picture, Select a folder, Display the picture selected in the combo box, Use a timer to create a slide show

The Pizza Project

The Pizza Project, Designing the form, Write the code to calculate the price, Read the list of toppings from a file

filesFiles in Visual Basic

Directory, Browse for Folder, Display the Picture, Simple Picture Viewer, Text Files, Creating a lookup list from a file, Menu List, Save, Do you want to save?, On Closing, Reformatting Files, Save as XML

Connecting to a Database in Visual Basic

New Data Source, Data Tables, Data Connections, Data Changes, Data Changes Code

Forms in Visual Basic

Forms, Form to Select Days, Show Modal, Show Form, Ready Made Forms, Password, MDI Multiple Documents, Code for the MDI

Zebra Notes: Open, Save, Save As, and Format with a Rich Text Box

The Rich Text Box and a Menu, Add a ToolBar, Resize the RichTextBox to fill the Form, Save the contents of the RichText Box, Open a File, Save As, New, Ask to Save, Formatting the Rich Text Box, Code for the complete Rich Text Box Application

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