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English language reference including definitions of English grammar terms, irregular verbs, phrasal verbs and idioms. Also includes links to online dictionaries.



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This website offers literature-based WebQuests for grades K-12. WebQuests challenge students to use the Internet to find resources to solve questions and problems about a given topic. A literature-based WebQuest uses a book as a focal point for activities that revolve around the theme, characters, plot, or setting.



This collection from KET provides examples of music, dance, drama, and visual art from Native American cultures, ranging from traditional stories and dances to contemporary art.

Segments include Cherokee Paula Nelson performing original songs that incorporate Cherokee sounds and Apache, Cherokee, Git-Hoan, Navajo, and Zuni dances, many of which were taped at the Festival of Native Peoples in Cherokee, NC.

Storytelling is represented by a Cherokee’s traditional story about the delicate balance of nature, and visual arts is represented by a Winnebago/Ho-Chunk artist who uses nature as inspiration and by an Ojibwe artist who creates dream catchers.


Albert Brent Chase, artistic director of The Pollen Trail Dancers, explains the purposes of dance in Navajo culture.     <Grades: 5-12>

              The Pollen Trail Dancers perform the Navajo Shaker Dance, also called the Buffalo Dance. Artistic director Albert Brent Chase explains that the Shaker Dance is a healing dance that is part of the Fire Dance Ceremony.   <Grades: 5-12>

              David Boxley of the Git-Hoan Dancers discusses dance traditions of the Tsimshian, whose descendants live on the Northwest coast of northern British Columbia and in southeastern Alaska.      <Grades: 5-12>

  • The Git-Hoan Dancers perform the Raven Dance, a celebration of the Raven Clan. They wear masks representing the clan. In Tsimshian culture, the wearer of a mask is said to take on the spirit of the creature it signifies. <Grades: 5-12>
  • Native American Culture: Git-Hoan Chief’s Headdress Dance          

              Three dancers of the Git-Hoan troupe perform the Chief’s Headdress Dance celebrating the meaning found in the leader’s ceremonial headwear. The Git-Hoan are descendants of the Tsimshian people of northwest Canada and Alaska.          <Grades: 5-12>

              The Apache Crown Dancers are members of the White Mountain Apache Tribe and live in Whiteriver, Ariz. In this video segment, the group leader, Joe Tohonnie, Jr., talks about the history of dance and its role in Apache culture.          <Grades: 5-12>

              The Apache Crown Dancers are enrolled members of the White Mountain Apache Tribe and live in Whiteriver, Ariz. In this video segment, they perform a traditional Crown Dance in full regalia to music sung by the group leader, Joe Tohonnie, Jr.            <Grades: 5-12>

              John Bullet Standingdeer is a member of the Warriors of AniKituhwa of Cherokee, North Carolina. He describes the cultural importance of the Eagle and Beaver Dance.           <Grades: 5-12>

              The Raven Rock Dancers perform the Beaver Dance, a social dance depicting the actions of a hunting party, at the 2006 Festival of Native Peoples. The Raven Rock Dancers is a family group founded by Walker Calhoun, a respected Cherokee elder.          <Grades: 5-12>

              The Warriors of AniKituhwa perform the Eagle Dance at the 2006 Festival of Native Peoples. Like other dances from Cherokee culture, the Eagle Dance serves as a to share memories and preserve cultural traditions.    <Grades: 5-12>

              Cherokee singer Paula Nelson performs a learning song that teaches a greeting and farewell in Cherokee. In the second part of the segment, Nelson says that the Cherokee people are a “water people” and performs a song called “It’s Going to Rain.”         <Grades: 6-12>

Arden Kucate gives background on the Zuni culture and the harvest celebration, explains the significance of Zuni boys being presented gourd  shakers, and teaches a group of middle school students two dances from the Zuni harvest celebration.      <Grades: 5-12>

              Marilou Awiakta, of Cherokee/Appalachian heritage, tells a traditional Cherokee story in which humans are killing too many of their animal relatives, threatening the delicate balance of nature.          <Grades: 5-12>

              Susan Mullins (Kwaronhia:wi), a Mohawk from the Kahnawake reserve in Canada who now resides in Berea, Ky., shows her grandchildren how to create a dreamcatcher, an item designed to catch bad dreams and let good dreams through.          <Grades: 5-12>

Truman Lowe is a contemporary sculptor working primarily in wood that he often scavenges from the landscape. This segment Lowe’s visits Wickliffe Mounds.     <Grades: 6-12>

              Contemporary Native American artist Truman Lowe discusses his visit to an ancient Native American community in Western Kentucky, Wickliffe Mounds, and how it influenced his work.           <Grades: 6-12>

This site from The University of Manchester, offers a variety of well-crafted activities and games to learn grammar and parts of speech, along with an animated timeline of the history of the English language.  <Grade 1-6>


BBC Skillwise English Games


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